The top 5 muscle building secrets nobody told the skinny guys

In life, we make some terrible decisions, and quite frankly I contributed a lot to my personal list of bad decisions. But I have also made some incredible decisions, first a consistent daily workout routine and secondly starting out as a writer.

In my opinion, the single most important decision in life that a person can make on the journey of personal development is to start looking after his health. Because feeling good about the way you look directly ties your confidence to your self-esteem and to your flat abs.

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With that said, today I am going over the top 5 muscle building secrets that nobody told the skinny guys.

1) You really gotta start!

You probably will be thinking, well thanks for that, I already know this. But the thing is that You Really Got to Start! Before you get pissed off and say what the crap, let me remind you of something.

Be honest! How long have you been thinking about going to the gym and working out? A week, a month, two months, six months, an entire year. Just imagine what you would be like now if you started back then.

2) Don’t compare yourself to every other guy out there.

Never get into the comparison game, only compare yourself to you. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is comparing yourself to others, accept this, you have no idea what their genetics are, you have no idea how long they have been consistent or busting their asses on a bench press.

Only compare yourself to you and your progress to the person you were yesterday. A simple activity that you can do is, first thing in the morning, take a picture of yourself in front of the same mirror in the same pose and angle, you got to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. It will help you keep track of your progress over the months to come.

3) Consistency.

Now hear me out, I want some extra focus on this one.

If you consistently go to the gym, get in there, lift weights, let some sweat run down your body you are going to get a better body, it’s just a byproduct of being consistent. But if you consistently eat like crap, consistently do not workout then you are going to look like crap.

4) Work your entire body.

Most people when they start working out, it’s all about the sexy muscles, about the chest, the biceps. It’s about the things you could see in the mirror. But brother! You've got to work them all, each and every muscle group. Gentleman your legs, your back, your arms. If got to be sexy you got to work them all because it’s all about the symmetry

Now the fifth secret nobody told you about is

5) Workout by yourself.

As opposed to how most beginners start generally with a friend or group, working out and fitness is a personal journey. Your buddy there would be happy to help you with a spot and give you advice. But I really truly believe that if you want to make sure that you are doing well in terms of gaining muscle and working out for the long run it's got to be an internal thing, some badass self-motivation.

It can’t be like a group mentality because I have seen many times when one person stops his partner do the same out of laziness or some other crap.

There are also some other important factors such

Getting proper rest.

Your diet and nutrition.

And giving yourself reasons not to quit.

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